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Pediatric’s Sandy Leck earns USF Health Culture Coin for dedication, integrity, compassion

For her integrity, dedication and compassion, Sandy Leck, RN, received a USF Health Culture Coin Aug 27.

Leck is a clinical nurse supervisor for the USF Health Department of Pediatrics and also fulfills the role of regional clinical supervisor for Children’s Medical Services.

Presenting Leck with her Culture Coin was Terri Ashmeade, MD, chief quality officer for USF Health, who shared details from nomination materials for Leck.

Sandy is an inspiration for all of the values that are important to us at USF Health. She truly strives to make life better every day for everyone she comes into contact with from our patients and families to our providers and colleagues. She leads with grace, integrity and compassion. She is a shining example of our goals of culture change at USF Health.

It is impressive and inspirational to work with Sandy and see how much she does every day being a superior leader in both of her positions. There are not many individuals who could balance all of the duties and responsibilities that Sandy handles as well as she does. She has helped to lead our Department of Pediatrics for over a decade.

As the Clinical Nurse Manager of the Department of Pediatrics Sandy has been an invaluable resource to me with her extensive knowledge and experience. I truly value and enjoy working with her as a colleague and friend.

Sandy provides excellent patient care and customer service to everyone she interacts with. She goes above and beyond in every way and leads by example challenging her staff to do the same.

Sandy recognizes the individual abilities of each member of her staff and teaches and guides them with patience and encouragement. She works with all of her staff to help them meet their professional and personal goals actively participating in their careers and achievements.

Sandy is always willing and available to assist her staff which gives us a sense of security and confidence in completing our job duties and responsibilities.

Sandy’s integrity, dedication and compassion makes the USF CMS clinic a pleasant environment for staff, patients, families and visitors. As one of her staff, I thank Sandy for all she does for all of us every day. She makes us feel valued and appreciated. It is an honor to work with a leader so dedicated to her position and the nursing profession.

Sandy truly cares for her clinic, team and patients as if they were her family. She exemplifies all of our USF Health values and we are so thankful and proud to have her as a leader on our team.

The Culture Coin is part of a broader USF Health-wide initiative offering a fresh examination of what USF Health stands for, including updating the mission, values and principles that drive faculty and staff to put their best forward. These focus on becoming lifelong learners, constantly striving to improve, and display the gritty resolve necessary to continuously perform at the highest level. The coin itself is a symbol of dedication, optimism, inclusiveness, transparency and innovation and will be awarded to exemplary employees who go above and beyond in representing USF Health values.