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MCOM students recognized as culture champions















Leaders at the Morsani College of Medicine recently recognized a group of students for their selfless efforts to help a fellow medical student experiencing health issues.  The group took the initiative to consistently check on the student, connect the student to the appropriate resources on and off campus, and become a constant source of support and encouragement.  The group’s display of humanism and compassion while taking care of one of their own earned them a USF Health Culture Coin.

Recipients: Anmol Babu, Sheon Baby, Richa Bisht, Enzo Cabrera, Chakkoli, Chine-Yu Chuang, Reinaldo Claudio, Shelbi Erp, Erik Este, Matthew Fahey, Adam Fennell, David Finch, Laura Garcia-Torres, Emre Guvenli, Shannon Hall, Robert Monsour, Andrew Powls, Quincy Shuda, Jordan Stofan, Priya Taneja.