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USF Health APRN recognized as Culture Champion
Mitzi Ekers, APRN-Division of Vascular Surgery, is one of the founding officers in the Society of Vascular Nursing. Mitzi has helped solidly validate vascular nursing as being a true specialty in nursing practice. Mitzi demonstrates USF Health’s mission and values by implementing a culture of caring through positivity, leadership, dedication, empathy, and authenticity. Mitzi provides excellent and safe patient care to her vascular patients and helps ensure that her team members provide nothing less. Mitzi goes above and beyond in ensuring that our patients have the care and resources that they need to live their best life. Mitzi makes life better for every individual that she comes in contact with and she achieves this through admiration, gratitude, and respect. Mitzi genuinely loves what she does and it shows through her enthusiasm and dedication to educate others. Mitzi is a mentor to our many students and residents that pass through Vascular Surgery and she does it in a way that makes them feel accomplished, competent, and valued. Mitzi also assists with helping other divisions within the Department of Surgery to improve their work-flow processes and patient care practices and leaves a lasting impression that makes others aspire to be as great. Mitzi leads by example and demonstrates true dignity in her work. Mitzi’s team can’t say enough about her – she is truly a nurse that has profoundly impacted the lives of so many people and she has left a mark at USF Health.