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University of South Florida

USF Health volunteers recognized as Culture Champions


At the heart of the USF Health culture is the promise to keep Making Life Better for the community.   These volunteers are being recognized for their selfless sacrifice in the effort to help fight the spread of COVID-19.  They all volunteered countless hour and days to administer COVID-19 tests at the USF Health testing sites.  With their help, and the help of many others from the organization, USF Health has administered more than 27,000 tests to the community.  For their work, they were all presented culture coins by Terri Ashmeade, MD, chief quality officer for USF Health.

Culture Champions:

  • Sally Abner
  • Dawn Arroyo
  • Raquel Dennis Boring
  • Yisselt Jure
  • Lisa Mestizo
  • Farideh Oberheu
  • Marc Rosales
  • Hass Sadeghi
  • Melanie Stroup
  • Nadean Suber
  • Jeffrey Wright