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USF Health ALS Clinic LPN Recognized as Culture Champion

The USF Health Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) Clinic strives to instill hope and improve the daily lives of patients, families and caregivers while maintaining dignity, offering support, and providing the highest level of care for these courageous individuals. Raul Mustafa Fernandez, LPN, has embodied this mission statement and for several years, has helped manage the care of patients within the Neuromuscular Division of the Department of Neurology along side Jerrica Farias, MS, APRN, associate director of the USF Health ALS Clinic. “Due of the nature of neuromuscular diseases, the majority of our patients have painful, disabling, and terminal diagnoses requiring careful attention to the patient’s emotional needs in addition to often complicated care for their physical condition,” Farias said. “Of course, Raul is skilled and competent in his handling his many responsibilities and he is dedicated to serving our patients to the highest standard. Beyond this, however, Raul is exceptional at establishing a rapport that makes patients feel cared for. I receive compliments and praise for Raul from patients and caregivers on a weekly basis. He goes beyond the call of duty in assisting patients and caregiver to navigate the often-challenging healthcare system. Raul is the embodiment of hard work and ‘Making Life Better’ for patients and coworkers alike. I am deeply grateful to work closely with Raul – I credit him for the significant improvements in my patient satisfaction scores since we have begun working together and I depend on him for the successful operation of my clinic.”

On January 26th, Fernandez was recognized as a culture champion by Terri Ashmeade, MD, chief quality officer at USF Health, and Mark Moseley, MD, chief medical officer for USF Health.

In true pandemic-fashion, Jerrica Farias, the nominator of Raul Mustafa Fernandez’s coin, joined the celebration via video chat.