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USF Health dermatology resident recognized as Culture Champion


Adel Haque, MD, USF Health Dermatology resident.

















Adel Haque, MD, USF Health dermatology resident, was recently recognized for his excellence in patient care, compassion, and high-quality, interprofessionalism.  Lucia Seminario-Vidal, MD, PhD, assistant professor, director of Hospital Consult Services and director of clinical research, notes Dr. Haque for his actions during a patient encounter.

“In clinic a patient was crying because her ostomy bag was broken, and she did not have another one. Dr. Haque went to GI to find one for her, but they did not have ostomy bags, then, he called pharmacy and they also did not have one. He finally made a derm-style ostomy bag using a specimen bag and tape. Patient was extremely grateful.  During consults, we have been treating a patient with non-uremic calciphylaxis, which is a rare skin condition with high mortality. Dr. Haque has gone above and beyond to help this patient, from reading the latest literature to find treatment options to coordinating with plastic surgery for excision of the dead tissue, getting nephrology on board for IV therapy, getting pharmacy on board to provide intralesional sodium thiosulfate for him to inject in the worse lesions, and teaching pain management about the pathophysiology of the pain in this condition. Ultimately, improving pain control and proving the best treatments to this patient.  The nephrology and pain management teams told me that they are thankful for his support. He is a truly compassionate doctor.”

His continued dedication to patient care earned him recognition as one of the Culture Champions for the USF Health Graduate Medical Education department.