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Freddie Coleman earns Culture Coin for storytelling and resourceful efforts supporting MCOM

USF Health multimedia journalist Freddie Coleman was presented with a Culture Coin by Dr. Charles Lockwood for his creative storytelling and project management.

Freddie, a member of the USF Health Communications and Marketing team, was nominated by Bryan Bognar, MD, vice dean for the USF Health Morsani College of Medicine. Freddie’s primary role is to support multimedia projects for MCOM’s Department of Educational Affairs.

On April 16, Dr. Lockwood, senior vice president for USF Health and dean of the Morsani College of Medicine, recognized Freddie’s resourcefulness and creativity in his work by presenting him with a USF Health Culture Coin.

Both Drs. Lockwood and Bognar acknowledged Freddie’s quick action for finding suitable resources for live-streaming the Match Day program, a feature that allows families from across the world to watch as their senior medical students open sealed envelopes to learn where they will be spending the next years of their medical education in residency programs. Freddie took the lead in assessing, researching, interviewing vendors and led the live stream production for Match Day.

In addition, he was also the dedicated person covering both MCOM and USF Health social media that day.

Dr. Lockwood also thanked Freddie for his creative and important storytelling, including his recent series spotlighting key researchers and physicians in history. Working with Shirley Smith, director of the Office of Student Diversity and Enrichment for the USF Health Morsani College of Medicine, Freddie developed a video series called Unsung Heroes that uses medical students to narrate the profiles of noted pioneers in science and medicine (see links below).

Unsung Heroes video series:

Marilyn H. Gaston, narrated by Matti Hudak (MCOM PA Program Class of 2022) – https://usf.box.com/s/wzvh4w2a18ioaeynlizwn4ad9syni4no

Patricia Bath, narrated by Caitlyn Johnson (MCOM Class of 2023) – https://usf.box.com/s/oieesffob3x9mlyo6d6ow86z04ss9aa3

Percy L. Julian, narrated by Zeegan George (MCOM Class of 2024) – https://usf.box.com/s/wtq5zo9n0u0k1lu87p09ycqlobxpmlxu