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The Alpha Omega Alpha Gamma Chapter at USF Health Morsani College of Medicine (MCOM) recently welcomed its newest inductees for the Spring cycle.  Inductees include USF Health Morsani College of Medicine students, staff, faculty, residents and alumni.  Some recipients have been formerly inducted, but not officially recognized due to the annual ceremony being cancelled for COVID-19.

Membership in the national medical honor society AOA is considered one of the highest academic honors a   student can receive and is a distinction that accompanies a physician throughout his or her career. AOA has 132 chapters in medical schools across the United States. Twice a year, the AOA Gamma Florida Chapter at MCOM elects new members chosen from the top 25% of the class based on academic performance, leadership, service, and professionalism.

AOA exists to promote scholarship and research in medical schools, to encourage a high standard of character and conduct among medical students and graduates, and to recognize high attainment in medical science, practice, and related fields.  The AOA Gamma Florida Chapter at Morsani College of Medicine was established in 1976. Catherine M. Lynch, MD, professor of obstetrics and gynecology and associate vice president for Faculty Development and Women’s Health, is the AOA Councilor for Gamma Florida Chapter at MCOM.

Class of 2021 Inductees elected Spring of 2020:

Joseph T. Balbona, George A. Coba, Rachel Foels, Marissa L. Frazer, Mikayla Hurwitz, Grace Jacobs, Taylor L. Jarvill, Celia V. Kucera, Alena Makarova, Brennan Ninesling, Mathias G. Nittman, Ethan Song

Class of 2021 Inductees elected Fall of 2020:

Brian Alloway, Monica J. Amin, Caitlyn N. Balsay, Madeline Carney, Hala Daou, Patrick Davis, Pavit Deol, Brittney Gaudet, Catherine Hanna, Timothy K. Koo, Nina Liu, Joshua Mizels, Eliza M. Nguyen, Achintya Patel, Kaitlyn M. Pereira, Amanda K. Pitre, Ross Quarles, Nirav H. Shah, Alana Snyder, Heather Stewart, Kendall Wasselle, Saif Zaman, Sydney Zarriello

Class of 2022 Inductees elected Spring 2021:

John U. Cheng, Long Di, Chang-woo Jang, Louis Marino Leon, Linda Lu, Vineet Nadkarni, Nicholas W. Russo, Eric Taylor

Faculty Inductees:

Terri L. Ashmeade, MD – Pediatrics, USF Health chief quality officer

Aliyah Baluch, MD – Infectious Disease

Gillian A. Beauchamp, MD (LVHN) – Emergency Medicine

Alyssa J. Brown, MD – Obstetrics and Gynecology

Jeanne L. Jacoby, MD (LVHN) – Emergency Medicine

Andrew Myers, MD – Internal Medicine

Tara M. Randis, MD, MS – Pediatrics

Antoinette C. Spoto-Cannons, MD – Pediatrics


Resident Inductees:

Alexandra M. Amaducci, DO (LVHN) – ED/Toxicology (LVHN)

Thomas Bloom, MD – Emergency Medicine

Aditya Grover, MD – Internal Medicine

Kyle Kilinski, MD – Otorhinolaryngology

Lisa Kurth, MD (LVHN) – Surgery (LVHN)

Dasom Lee, MD – Internal Medicine

Alicia Lew, MD – Pediatrics

Constantine Logothetiis, MD – Medicine

Michael P. Rogers, MD – Surgery

McWayne Weeche, MD – Surgery


Alumni Inductees

Candice L. Castro, MD – Class of 1976

Patrice J. Mergo, MD – Class of 1988

David S. Parda, MD – Class of 1988

Suzette Wei-Anne Peng, MD – Class of 2002