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USF Health clinical staffer earns recognition as Culture Champion


Lilly Canalejo, USF Health Department of Family Medicine clinical staff.

Lilly Canalejo, USF Health Department of Family Medicine clinical staff member, was recently recognized as a USF Health Culture Champion for her exceptional service to patients, providers and colleagues within the clinic.  She is most noted for taking swift life-saving actions for a patient who was suffering a cardiac event.  She is described as a person who “truly embodies our culture at USF Health and USFTGP,” according to department administrator Jennifer Farrant, MSEd, ATC. As a result of her actions, she was presented a USF Health Culture Coin December 6.

From her provider:

“We had a crazy afternoon and I am beyond impressed with how Lilly managed to maintain a calm professional demeanor especially when things got a little intense. She has been the biggest support for me all around particularly prioritizing patient care and needs. We are a team and Lilly is an integral part of all our patient successes and satisfactions.”

From her colleague following an active cardiac event for a patient:

“I would like to personally recommend Lilly for the employee nomination. She had roomed a patient that was potentially having an ACS episode and came to me with some great questions.  Dr Hussaini was very quick on recognition and Lilly promptly contacted EMS and coordinated another team member to meet them at door.  Lilly further sought proper medication administration per dispatch directive, and I was able to lay eyes on the patient briefly.  I had concerns for stroke due to some subtle facial droop but we did admin ASA 324mg due to active and confirmed ACS symptoms per pt.  Very excellent team effort from provider to nursing staff.  Very proud to call Lilly a team member today.”