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3rd Quarter 2022 Winners Earn Press Ganey Awards

Winners for the third quarter of 2022 have been named based on their extraordinary work as recognized in patient satisfaction surveys for USF Health.  The high marks earned them awards that are part of USF Health’s Press Ganey Employee Recognition Program, an effort to recognize those with top scores in each quarterly report.

The ongoing award program recognizes those who have achieved high performance in providing USF Health patients with exceptional care and service.  Named each quarter based on that quarter’s servey results, winners are from four categories: provider, nurse/assistant, nurse practitioner/physician, and office staff.

Q3-2022 winners are:

Care Provider: Dr. John Carter, Internal Medicine – Rheumatology, with a score of 98.15% ranking him in the 99thPercentile nationally

APRN/PA : Melissa Bryant, APRN, Neurosurgery, with a score of 99.37% ranking her in the 99th Percentile nationally

RN/MA: Morsani 3rd Floor Neurosurgery Team, with a score of 94.12% ranking them in the 99th Percentile nationally

Front Desk Staff: NSI 2nd Floor, with a score of 99.12%, ranking them in the 98th Percentile nationally

Dr. John Carter -Care Provider Top Performer

Melissa Bryant, APRN – APRN/PA Top Performer

NSI 2nd Floor-Office Staff Quality Top Performers
Left-right: Kayla Davitt, Deanna Vaughan, and Joseph Satiro


Kay Marshall (Neurosurgery Administrator), Stephanie Richmond, Melissa Bryant, APRN, Sandra Moore-Bellamy, Fran Beverage, Diana Perren, and Kimberly Snow (Clinical Manager)