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Dr. Petersen shares preliminary results of The Villages community health survey

Donna Petersen, ScD, dean of the the USF College of Public Health, reported on the preliminary results of a recent community health survey conducted at The Villages, in which more than 33,000 Villagers participated.

“The survey results confirmed what we see, feel and hear every time we’re here,” Petersen said during an interview after the Aug. 21  presentation at The Villages’ Savannah Center. “That (this) is a high-functioning population that cares about their health, are actively engaged in their lives and — just by living here and engaging in life in The Villages — are helping to promote their own health and achieve a high quality of life.”

Donna Petersen, College of Public Health Dean

Donna Petersen, dean of the USF College of Public Health, was the the survey’s architect.

Petersen, the architect of the healthcare survey, told the audience that researchers will continue to analyze the data and bring more detailed results back, so residents can work with USF on  ways to make their community even healthier.

For more on the survey results, please see the Villages Daily Sun article:

USF Health in The Villages is an innovative partnership of  The Villages,  the Central Florida Health Alliance and the University of South Florida medical community.

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