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Meet Snitch, USF Health’s newest employee

USF Health’s newest employee recently joined the Shimberg Health Sciences Library and wasted no time before starting her duties as Ambassador.

Please meet Snitch.

“Hired” to be a liaison between the Shimberg Library and USF Health students, Snitch began her job Aug. 27 when she attended the Morsani College of Medicine Student Organization Fair, a showcase of available student organizations and resources. With an official USF identification card on a USF Health branded lanyard around her neck, Snitch eagerly greeted dozens of students who stopped by the table representing the Shimberg Library.


“Snitch had a great first day on the job and the students were really glad to see her,” said Jill Baker, Shimberg Library fiscal and business specialist in the USF Morsani COM Business Office. Baker is Snitch’s “direct supervisor” and owner.


The idea for hiring Snitch came after several successful library events for students that included pet therapy dogs, said Rose L. Bland, MA, MPA, AHIP, director of the Shimberg Health Sciences Library. Seeing the happy and sometimes emotional reaction the students had when they encountered the dogs helped the library staff know that continuing the effort would be well received, she said.

“At our previous events, students would see the dogs and say ‘Aw, I have dogs at home and wish they were with me,’ while petting and embracing our pet therapy dog the entire time,” Bland said. “Many were moved to tears, either because of missing their own pets or just because of the happy break in their stressful lives. They seemed to truly find comfort.”

Finding Snitch to fill the job was part purposeful and part serendipity, Bland said.

“Golden Retrievers are known to be loyal, and we want our patrons at USF Health to know they can count on the Shimberg Library for their academic and research needs,” Bland said. “She also just happened to be trained as a pet therapy dog and also happened to be available through Jill. We feel really lucky to have her.”


“She seemed thrilled with all of the attention,” Baker said of Snitch’s first day.

“I love my dog but it’s so nice to see how much everyone else appreciates her, too.”


 Photos by Eric Younghans, USF Health Office of Communications

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