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Local media get a sneak peek of USF Health’s Pharmacy Plus [VIDEO]

Amid cameras and microphones, USF Pharmacy’s Kevin B. Sneed, PharmD, gave local media a sneak peek of Pharmacy Plus, an on-site pharmacy of the future that goes well beyond simply filling prescriptions by offering advanced support to patients, and a hands-on setting for pharmacy student rotations.


A centerpiece of the new USF Health Pharmacy Plus will be RxMedic, the robot that automates counting and dispensing prescription medications, giving pharmacists time to engage more fully in patient care.

Dr. Sneed, professor and dean of the USF College of Pharmacy, gave crews from several outlets a behind-the-scenes tour to learn more about the unique space where patients will create a national prototype for providing patient engagement, education and monitoring.

“The job of the pharmacist was never to only put pills in bottles,” Dr. Sneed told reporters. “In this pharmacy, the pharmacist will be a partner in your health. We aim to offer true patient-centered care.”


Kevin Sneed, PharmD, dean of the USF College of Pharmacy, shares his vision of the “Pharmacy of the Future” with media.

The entire space offers technology at its core while providing a personalized experience with on-site pharmacists who are part of the entire healthcare team, he said. It will be patient centric for health optimization. The space will be a learning opportunity for pharmacy students, as well.

“The passion behind what we’re doing is so we can teach our students that there’s a better way to help patients manage their medications,” he said.

Fourth-year pharmacy student Phillip Bonet takes questions from local media about the impact Pharmacy Plus will have on his training.

Fourth-year pharmacy student Phillip Bonet takes questions from local media about the impact Pharmacy Plus will have on his training.

The overall goal of the space, he told them, is to change the way patients tap into the expertise of their pharmacists to better manage their health.

Among the offerings will be an Rx robot that will dispense medications. A system of integrated electronic medical records will provide seamless care. A range of apps for tablets, smartphones and laptops will arm patients with ways to find more information and tools to help them manage their medications. QR codes that will direct patients to the web for more details about their condition and the medication prescribed to help, including web videos that show how to properly use the medication and the side effects to look out for. And a private space will allow patients to access personalized pharmacogenomics counseling.

Pharmacy Plus is housed on the first floor of the Morsani Center for Advanced Healthcare in the heart of USF Health.  The “pharmacy of the future” is scheduled to open in late September.






Photos by Eric Younghans, USF Health Office of Communications.


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