USF physicians earn spots on 2015-16 Best Doctors in America list

The number of USF Health physicians making the biennial Best Doctors in America® list keeps growing. This year, the local list included 129 USF Health doctors who care for patients and families throughout the Tampa Bay area.

Best Doctors composite 2015

The biennial list for Best Doctors in America is compiled from surveys of physicians asking them who they would go to for treatment in their specialty. The result is a national listing of 40,000 physicians – about 4.4 percent of this country’s 900,000 physicians.

“Our doctors continue to excel and their inclusion on this list validates what families across the region have long known – USF Health provides the best care around,” said Charles Lockwood, MD, senior vice president of USF Health and dean of the USF Health Morsani College of Medicine.

“The success of USF Health is measured by the positive impact we make on the health of Tampa Bay, our state, nation and the globe around us; and the ability to provide high quality, innovative care to our patients and their families advances our critical mission of making life better. I’m delighted to see an increase in the number of USF Health physicians selected for this outstanding award, and I applaud all of you for your commitment to excellence in patient care.”

The following list is of USF Health physicians currently practicing medicine within the nearly three dozen clinical sites, specialty care centers and affiliated hospitals throughout the region. Some physicians earned spots in more than one specialty, so are listed multiple times but counted only once in our totals.

Allergy and Immunology
Thomas B. Casale
Roger Williams Fox
Mark Christian Glaum
Dennis K. Ledford
Richard F. Lockey
Mandel Reid Sher

Cardiovascular Disease
Arthur J. Labovitz
Fadi A. Matar *
Dany Edward Sayad
John Thompson Sullebarger ***

Colon and Rectal Surgery
Jorge E. Marcet *

Critical Care Medicine
McDowell Anderson
David Allan Solomon
Frank W. Walsh

Basil S. Cherpelis
Neil Alan Fenske
Christopher G. Nelson

Family Medicine
Eric Emmanuel Coris
Eduardo C. Gonzalez
Gerald S. Keller
Richard G. Roetzheim
Laurie J. Woodard
Kira Katherine Zwygart

Patrick G. Brady *
Soojong H. Chae
Jay J. Mamel
Haim Pinkas *
Joel E. Richter

Infectious Disease
Sally F. Alrabaa
Beata C. Casanas
Sandra Gompf
Daniel Haight
Douglas Allen Holt
Jose Montero
Richard Oehler
Charurut Somboonwit
John Toney *
Ana Paula Velez *
Todd S. Wills

Internal Medicine
Erika Abel
Bryan Bognar
Charles M. Edwards
Denise K. Edwards
Deborah A. Humphrey
John D. McCormick
Cuc Thi Mai
Hugo J. Narvarte
Kevin O’Brien
Stephanie P. Taylor

Neurological Surgery
Thomas B. Freeman
Mark Greenberg
Kenneth M. Louis
Donald A. Smith
Harry R. van Loveren ***

Selim Ramin Benbadis
Robert A. Hauser
Lara W. Katzin
Juan R. Sanchez-Ramos *

Obstetrics and Gynecology
Carol S. Cox
Edmund Funai
Shelly W. Holmstrom
Charles J. Lockwood *
Judette Marie Louis
Catherine M. Lynch
James C. Mayer
Anthony O. Odibo
Shayne M. Plosker
Valerie E. Whiteman
Kell Williams
Jerome (Jerry) Yankowitz *

Mitchell D. Drucker
Lewis Groden *
Peter Reed Pavan
Charles B. Slonim

Orthopaedic Surgery
Michael Clare *
Seth Gasser
Roy W. Sanders *
Arthur Walling *

Kestutis Paul Boyev *
Thomas Vincent McCaffrey
Tapan Ashvin Padhya *
Mark Tabor

Jane Messina
Santo V. Nicosia

Pediatric Specialist
Terri Ashmeade
Alfonso Campos
Michael E. Fant
Jose Ferreira
Sarah J. Gaskill
Verena Jorgensen
Carol Lilly
Akhil Maheshwari
Tanya K. Murphy
Valerie M. Panzarino
Sharon A. Perlman
Carina Rodriguez
Henry Rodriguez
Kailie R. Shaw
Mandel Reid Sher *
Dorothy I. Shulman
Saundra Stock
Diane M. Straub
Ronald P. Sutsko

Sharon M. Dabrow
Denise K. Edwards
Mudra K. Kumar
Carol Lilly
Luis Maldonado
Hugo J. Narvarte
Jennifer Cohen Takagishi

Plastic Surgery
Wayne Cruse

Tanya K. Murphy
Balebail Ashok Raj
Deborah C. Roth *
Amanda Grant Smith

Pulmonary Medicine
McDowell Anderson **
David Allan Solomon *
Frank W. Walsh

Radiation Oncology
Harvey Greenberg *

Gregg Baran
Carlos R. Martinez
Leelakrishna Nallamshetty
Bruce Zwiebel

John D. Carter
Dennis K. Ledford
Joanne Valeriano-Marcet *

Sleep Medicine
McDowell Anderson

Michael H. Albrink
Charles E. Cox
John Paul Gonzalvo
James M. Hurst
Michel Murr

Surgical Oncology
Charles E. Cox
Wayne Cruse
Douglas S. Reintgen *

Rafael Carrion
Jorge L. Lockhart *
David J. Hernandez

Vascular Surgery
Martin R. Back
Brad Larvin Johnson
Murray L. Shames


*Indicates each additional subspecialty listing this doctor has within this specialty