USF Health physicians earn spots on Tampa Magazine’s Top Doctors list

Tampa Magazine surveyed nearly 9,000 physicians across the Tampa Bay area, asking them to nominate peers they consider the best in their specialty.

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The final 2016 Top Doctors list of 331 includes 36 USF Health physicians in a diverse range of specialties, including 12 voted #1 by peers. They are:

Siviero Agazzi, MD: Runner-up for Neurosurgery

Michael Albrink, MD: Voted #1 for General Surgery

William Anderson, MD: Runner-up for Sleep Medicine

Lawrence Berk, MD: Runner-up for Radiation Oncology

Basil Cherpelis, MD: Runner-up for Dermatology

Charles E. Cox, MD: Runner-up for Breast Cancer Surgery

Mitchell Drucker, MD: Runner-up for Ophthalmology

Patricia Emmanuel, MD: Runner-up for Pediatrics

Maria Gieron, MD: Voted #1 for Pediatric Neurology

Harvey Greenberg, MD: Voted #1 for Radiation Oncology

Bengt Herweg, MD: Runner -up for Cardiac Electrophysiology

Ernesto Jimenez, MD: Runner -up for Cardiovascular Surgery

Vinita Kiluk, MD: Runner-up for Pediatrics

Dennis Ledford, MD: Voted #1 (tied) for Allergy and Immunology

Carol Lilly, MD: Vote #1 (tied) for Developmental Pediatrics

Richard Lockey, MD: Voted #1 (tied) for Allergy and Immunology

Jorge Lockhart, MD: Runner-up for Urology

Catherine Lynch, MD: Runner-up for Obstetrics and Gynecology

Jorge Marcet, MD: Voted #1 for Colon/Rectal Surgery

John McCormick, MD: Voted #1 (tied) for Internal Medicine

Anthony Morrison, MD: Runner-up for Endocrinology

Tanya Murphy, MD: Runner -up for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Michel Murr, MD: Voted #1 for Bariatrics

Ryan Murtagh, MD: Voted #1 for Radiology

Kevin O’Brien, MD: Runner-up for Internal Medicine

Shayne Plosker, MD: Runner-up for Fertility

Mark Rumbak, MD: Runner-up for Pulmonary Disease

Jaime Sanchez, MD: Runner-up for Colon/Rectal Surgery

Murray Shames, MD: Voted #1 for Vascular Surgery

Mandel R. Sher, MD: Runner-up for Allergy and Immunology

John Sinnott, MD: Runner-up for Infectious Disease

Paul Smith, MD: Runner-up for Plastic Surgery (Body)

Saundra Stock, MD: Runner-up for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Joanne Valeriano-Marcet, MD: Runner-up for Rheumatology

Harry van Loveren, MD: Voted #1 for Neurosurgery

Kira Zwygart, MD: Runner-up for Family Practice