University of South Florida

Meet the Dean: Pharmacy’s Kevin Sneed

Kevin Sneed, PharmD, is the founding dean of the USF College of Pharmacy and has built the college from the ground up. His innovative ideas have carried into the classroom, demonstrating new ways to educate and encourage the pharmacists of the future.

Dr. Sneed is also a tenured professor and the senior associate vice president for USF Health. He passionately looks for ways to connect treatments and manage health care disparities. With pharmacotherapeutics, and by developing personalized medicine, Dr. Sneed inspires each class of pharmacy students that enter the college to become more in tune with different and new methods to find solutions to health care issues.

Dean Sneed has been integral in transforming the way pharmacy students learn and apply those interdisciplinary ideas to changing and improving health care in the community. His philosophy is built around positivity and helping others to achieve their dreams and in the process, “revolutionizing” health. He is very engaged in emerging health technologies and has created USF Health Pharmacy Plus, which he proudly describes as, “The pharmacy of the future!”

Learn more about the dynamic and creative leader of the USF College of Pharmacy and what drives him to be a champion of changing the way that his students look at improving the ways to treat patients in the future.

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