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USF Health gears up to host annual Research Day

USF Health Research Day 2017 is only a few days away.

Students and faculty from all USF Health colleges, programs and disciplines are gearing up to showcase their scientific research for peers, judges and the USF community from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Friday, Feb. 24, at the USF Marshall Student Center.

The 27th annual event features well-known microbial ecologist Jack A. Gilbert, PhD, professor of surgery in the Department of Ecology and Evolution at the University of Chicago.

Dr. Gilbert, an expert in human microbiome research, will discuss Invisible Influence: The Microbiome and Human Health, focusing on microorganisms in natural, urban environments and their relations to human ecosystems. Dr. Gilbert said he is looking forward to speaking to future USF scientists and health professionals about revolutionary collaborative research, applying next generation sequencing technologies to learn more about the microbial interactions we share with our environment.

“Medicine, the way we treat patients and the way we understand how the body works, is undergoing through a small but important revolution,” Dr. Gilbert said. “We’re starting to understand that the body is an ecosystem of interconnected processes similar to a rainforest or a backyard. In these natural spaces, plants, animals, insects and bacteria all interact together. The body is no different. So, we’re starting to treat people as a community of organisms and find ways to fine-tune that ecosystem to help them maintain good health.”

Jack A. Gilbert, PhD, an expert in human microbiome research, will be the keynote speaker at USF Health Research Day.

To view a video about Dr. Gilbert’s work, click here.

During the event, more than 10 students will give oral presentations in the USF Marshall Student Center’s Oval Theatre, and more than 340 students, faculty and staff will display research posters in the USF Marshall Student Center’s Ballroom.

Following the presentations, USF Health will host an awards ceremony where judges will announce several winners, followed by an ice cream social for everyone in attendance.

The day-long event, led by Phillip J. Marty, PhD, associate vice president for USF Health Research, brings together researchers from across all USF Health colleges, programs and disciplines, as well as guest researchers from USF programs studying the science of health.

This is one of the biggest USF research events of the year. So, stop by to look at the work of some of the brightest researchers from USF Health.

For more information on USF Health Research Day, including access to the poster abstracts, visit

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