USF’s Alumni Magazine Goes Digital in Spring 2017

USF, the official magazine of the USF Alumni Association, initiates a largely digital distribution format beginning with its spring 2017 edition.

“This is the age of 24-hour news, when the latest headlines are just a few clicks away, any time of day or night. The digital USF gives readers enhanced access and convenience, allowing them to reconnect with the University of South Florida System whenever and wherever they choose,” said Chief Communications Officer John Robinson.

Beginning March 24, USF readers will be able to read the spring 2017 edition, as well as past editions, at

Members of the USF Alumni Association, as well as certain donors, leaders of business and academia, and colleges and other departments throughout the USF System will continue to receive printed editions of the magazine.

In addition, printed copies of USF will be available in an expanded list of locations throughout the Tampa Bay community.

“This will allow USF to increase its external reach, and allow the University of South Florida System to share USF news with a broader audience,” Robinson said.

USF is a quarterly publication with a readership of nearly 60,000.