All entries for U.S. patents issued to Morsani College of Medicine faculty members were provided by the USF Technology Transfer Office:

Title: Beta-lactamase inhibitors, formulations, and uses thereof
Patent number:  10,543,221
Date issued: 01/28/2020
Inventor(s): Chen; Yu, Pemberton; Orville Antonio, Renslo; Adam, Jaishankar; Priyadarshini

Title: System and method of measuring cell viability and growth
Patent number:  10,520,472
Date issued: 12/31/2019
Inventor(s): Mohapatra; Shyam S., Mohapatra; Subhra, Guldiken; Rasim Oytun, Nair; Rajesh R., Wang; Tao

Title: Laparoscopic tool with obturator
Patent number:  10,517,642
Date issued: 12/31/2019
Inventor(s): Hart; Stuart Richard, Simoes; Mario Alves, Zakaria; Mark Antoine

Title: Methods and compositions related to KRAS inhibitors
Patent number:  10,507,228
Date issued: 12/17/2019
Inventor(s): Sebti; Said M., Cai; Jianfeng

Title: Targeted graphene quantum dot-based theranostics
Patent number:  10,493,170
Date issued: 12/03/2019
Inventor(s): Qin; Yiru, Zhou; Shu-Feng

Title: Materials and methods for detecting cancer based on urinary levels of RHAMM
Patent number:  10,473,660
Date issued: 11/12/2019
Inventor(s): Kruk; Patricia Ann, Buttermore; Stephanie Tania

Title: Arginine deiminase gene therapy for disordered proteins
Patent number:  10,435,682
Date issued: 10/08/2019
Inventor(s): Lee; Daniel C., Nash; Kevin Ron

Title: Methods of measuring C19MC miRNA in a post-natal tissue and uses thereof
Patent number:  10,435,757
Date issued: 10/08/2019
Inventor(s): Totary-Jain; Hana, Mong; Ezinne Francess


Title: Shunt catheter system
Patent number:  10,391,287
Date issued: 8/27/2019
Inventor(s): Beckman, Joshua Marshall


Title: Small molecules that mimic or antagonize actions of granulocyte colony-stimulating-factor (G-CSF)
Patent number:  10,376,495
Date issued: 8/13/2019
Inventor(s): Sanchez-Ramos, Juan; Sava, Vasyl; Song, Shijie; and Sebti, Said

Title: Percutaneous endoscopic gastronomy tube for optimized gastric sumping
Patent number:  10,376,619
Date issued: 8/13/2019
Inventor(s): Daggett, Justin Robert

Title: Adjustable prosthetic ankles
Patent number:  10,369,020
Date issued: 8/6/2019
Inventor(s): Highsmith, Michael Jason; and Lura, Derek James

Title: Methods of treating epilepsy using neural stem cells that express nanog, SSEA-4, OCT-4, MIR-34B, MIR-34C and MIR-592
Patent number:  10,357,517
Date issued: 7/23/2019
Inventor(s): Borlongan, Cesario Venturina; Gemma, Carmelina; and Vale, Fernando L.

Title: Myricanol derivatives and uses thereof for treatment of neurodegenerative diseases
Patent number:  10,358,405
Date issued: 7/23/2019
Inventor(s): Dickey, Chad; Jinwal, Umesh; Calcul, Laurent; Baker, Bill J.; and Lebar, Matthew

Ischemic tissue cell therapy
Patent number:  10,335,434
Date issued: July 2, 2019
Inventor(s): Sanberg; Paul R., and Willing; Alison E.

Title: Compositions and methods for treating stroke
Patent number:  10,328,083
Date issued: June 25, 2019
Inventor(s): Decker; David Andrew, and Pennypacker; Keith

Title: Expandable intervertebral cage
Patent number:  10,322,009
Date issued: June 18, 2019
Inventor(s): Aghayev; Kamran, Doulgeris; James J., Gonzalez Blohm; Sabrina A, and Vrionis; Frank D.

Title: Use of cotinine in treating or preventing neurogenesis deficits and enhancing neurogenesis
Patent number:  10,307,411
Date issued: June 4, 2019
Inventor(s): Moran; Valentina Echeverria, and Appunn; Doreen

Title: Therapeutic agent applicators and methods of using the same
Patent number:  10,300,245
Date issued: May 28, 2019
Inventor(s): Finkelstein; Steven E., Biagioli; Matthew C., and Fishman; Mayer N.

Title: Incision-less laparoscopic instrument
Patent number:  10,292,725
Date issued: May 21, 2019
Inventor(s): Hart; Stuart, Lai-Yuen; Susana, Moree; Erin, Doulgeris; James, Nelson; Benjamin Taylor, Roach; Grahm, and Kruse; Brandon


Title: Myricanol derivatives and uses thereof for treatment of neurodegenerative diseases
Patent number:  10,287,227
Date issued: 5/14/19
Inventor(s): Dickey, Chad; Jinwal, Umesh; Calcul, Laurent; Baker, Bill J.; and Lebar, Matthew

Title: Non-invasive method for direct delivery of therapeutics to the spinal cord in the treatment of spinal cord pathology
Patent number:  10,285,935
Date issued: 5/14/19
Inventor(s): Garbuzova-Davis, Svitlana; Borlongan, Cesario Venturina; van Loveren, Harry Ronald; and Nelson, Peter Richard

Title: Nanoparticle targeted drug delivery to the lungs using extra-testicular sertoli cells
Patent number:  10,272,053
Date issued: 4/30/19

Inventor(s): Kumar, Arun; Mohapatra, Shyam S.; and Cameron, Don F.
Title:  Transfection vector for pathogenic amoebae and uses thereof
Patent number:  10,273,487
Date issued: 4/30/19
Inventor(s): Seyfang, Andreas; Massengill, Christopher L.; and Sievers, Sara R.

Title: Materials and methods for diagnosis, prevention and/or treatment of stress disorders and conditions associated with A-beta peptide aggregation
Patent number:  10,238,641
Date issued: 3/26/19
Inventor(s): Echeverria Moran, Valentina

Title: Small molecule inhibitors of STAT3 with anti-tumor activity
Patent number:  10,226,439
Date issued: 3/12/19
Inventor(s): Turkson, James; Sebti, Said M.; Guida, Wayne; Yip, Man Lun; Lawrence, Nicholas; Lawrence, Harshani Rithma; and Greedy, Benjamin


Title: Stabilized peptoid-peptide hybrids and uses thereof 
Patent number:  10,197,575
Date issued: 02/05/2019
Inventor(s): McLaughlin; Mark and Sarnaik; Amod A.

Title: Method of characterizing and manipulating adipose stem cell depots to a metabolically healthy state
Patent number:  10,196,612
Date issued: 02/05/2019
Inventor(s): Patel; Niketa A. and El Bassit; Ghattas

Title: Self-replicating cell selective gene delivery compositions, methods, and uses thereof 
Patent number:  10,188,750
Date issued: 01/29/2019
Inventor(s): Totary-Jain; Hana

Title: Exo-S-mecamylamine formulation and use in treatment 
Patent number:  10,188,613
Date issued: 01/29/2019
Inventor(s): Shytle; Douglas, Sanberg; Paul R., Newman; Mary and Silver; Archie A.

Title: Natriuretic peptide receptor as a biomarker for diagnosis and prognosis of cancer 
Patent number:  10,184,942
Date issued: 01/22/2019
Inventor(s): Mohapatra; Subhra and Mohapatra; Shyam

Title: Methods and systems for predicting cancer outcome 
Patent number:  10,181,009
Date issued: 1/15/19
Inventor(s): Yeatman; Timothy J., Eschrich; Steven and Bloom; Gregory C.

Title: Afobazole nanoparticles formulation for enhanced therapeutics
Patent number:  10,172,867
Date issued: 1/8/19
Inventor(s): Cuevas; Javier, Katnik; Christopher and Sutariya; Vijaykumar B.

Title: Prevention and treatment of brain diseases and disorders related to abnormal protein aggregation through electromagnetic field treatment 
Patent number:  10,149,982
Date issued: 12/11/2018
Inventor(s): Arendash; Gary W., Cao; Chuanhai, and Tan; Jun

Title: Method of manufacturing a synthetic skin and tissue model
Patent number:  10,150,265
Date issued: 12/11/2018
Inventor(s): Hart; Stuart Richard and Simoes; Mario Alves

Title: Method for the treatment of malignancies
Patent number:  10,143,759
Date issued: 12/04/2018
Inventor(s): Heller; Richard and Ugen; Kenneth E.

Title: Lithium cocrystal compositions 
Patent number:  10,130,708
Date issued: 11/20/19
Inventor(s): Zaworotko; Michael John, Shytle; Roland D., Ong; Tien Teng, Cantwell; Ryan N., Nguyen; Tranhha, Smith; Adam John, and Kavuru; Padmini

Title: Combination therapy of stem cell mobilizing agents and stem cell transplantation
Patent number:  10,130,683
Date issued: 11/20/19
Inventor(s): Borlongan; Cesario Venturina and Sanberg; Paul R.