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More faculty engage in NIH, VA grant review as academic medical center grows

The number of faculty members serving on National Institutes of Health (NIH) and Veterans Affairs (VA) study sections continues to grow as more federally-funded investigators join USF Health – a testament to the growing strength of the only academic medical center on Florida’s West Coast.

Data from the NIH Center for Scientific Review (CSR) show that, over the last three years, 130 USF Health faculty members and their USF collaborators in other colleges, such as engineering, participated in more than 580 meetings to review the scientific merit of grant and fellowship applications. (See list below.)

“This is fantastic news and speaks to our rapid evolution as a true research-based academic medical center,” said Charles J. Lockwood, MD, senior vice president of USF Health and dean of the Morsani College of Medicine. “I applaud our faculty who commit their time and talent to the NIH competitive grant review process, which ultimately leads to biomedical and health breakthroughs. Doing so not only gives back to the scientific community, it offers insight into critically evaluating science that can improve your own grant writing, and provides opportunities to meet leading, funded investigators, both within and outside your field, for potential collaborations.”

The primary mission of the NIH Center for Scientific Review’s is to assure that grant proposals receive fair, independent, confidential, expert and timely peer reviews so that the NIH can fund the most promising research. The CSR oversees both NIH and VA study sections. Members selected by CSR for these diverse groups include academic and nonacademic scientists in various stages of their careers who are recognized for expertise and integrity in their respective fields.

Shortly after he joined USF Health in 2014, Dr. Lockwood prioritized recruiting NIH-funded researchers determined to bridge the gap between laboratory discoveries and new treatments.  Along with their own federally-funded research portfolios, many of these strategic hires brought a track record of service as members of NIH study section committees and panels.

From August 2017 to August 2020, the following faculty members served on a wide variety of CSR-designated study sections. Many have engaged in more than one scientific peer review group. Several have also chaired special emphasis panels in Neurobiology; Cardiovascular Sciences; the Blood-Brain Barrier, Neurovascular System and CNS Therapeutics; and Chronic Disease Disparities RFA Endocrine and GI, to name a few.

John Adams
Amy Christine Alman
Ross Andel
James E. Andrews
Wenlong Bai
Thomas Bernard
Paula Bickford
Manus R. Biswal
Laura Blair
Cesario Borlongan
Jerome Breslin
Blanca Camoretti-Mercado
Chuanhai Cao
Stephanie Carey
Charles Chalfant
Bala Chandran
Henian Chen
Yu Chen
Seong Ho Cho
Kyaien Conner
Javier Cuevas
Liwang Cui
Dominic D’Agostino
Getachew Dagne
Robert Deschenes
Julie Djeu
David Eddins
Jerri Edwards
Patricia Emmanuel
Edgar Espana
Robert Farese
Peter Alexander Forsyth
Robert Frisina
Svitlana Garbuzova-Davis
Brian Giunta
Amber Gum
Ganesh Halade
William E. Haley
Loree Heller
Richard Heller
Angela Hill
Ricardo Izurieta
Ming Ji
Huabei Jiang
Kimberly Johnson
David Kang
Kami Kim
Kevin Kip
Russell Kirby
Marian Kollarik
Narasaiah Kolliputi
Ashok Kumar
Hye-Seung Lee
Cecile A. Lengacher
Celia Lescano
Ji Li
Stephen B. Liggett
Bruce Lindsey
Jennifer Lister
Ruisheng Liu
Charles J. Lockwood
David Lominadze
Judette Louis
Ronald Magness
Matthias Majetschak
Stephanie Lynn Markefka
Oliver Massey
Thomas McDonald
Usha Menon
Shyam Mohapatra
Subhra Mohapatra
Maxim Mokin
Victor Molinari
Kathleen Moore
Viswam Nair
Kevin Nash
Sami Noujaim
Francis Ntumngia
Anthony Odibo
Siva Kumar Panguluri
Angela Parent
Christopher Passaglia
Anna Pyayt
Tara Randis
Steven Reader
Laura Redwine
Kyle Reed
Joel Richter
Timo Rieg
Khary Rigg
Henry Rodriguez
Lindsey Rodriguez
Meredeth Rowe
Vasyl Sava
Joshua Scallan
John Schinka
Julianne Serovich
Lindsey Shaw
Brent Small
Bernd Sokolowski
George Spirou
Marilyn Stern
Stanley M. Stevens
Paul Stiles
Saulius Sumanas
Xingmin Sun
Vijaykumar Sutariya
Laura Szalacha
Thomas Taylor-Clark
Michael Teng
Gopal Thinakaran
Srinivas Tipparaju
Hana Totary-Jain
Yicheng Tu
Monica Uddin
Thomas Unnasch
Vladimir Uversky
Carla Vandeweerd
Kendra Vehik
Constance Visovsky
Brendan Walker
Jolan Walter
Hsiao-Lan Wang
Lianchun Wang
Lynn Wecker
Edwin Weeber
Derek Wildman
Jerome Yankowitz
Jeffrey Yoder
Sarah Yuan
Janice Zgibor

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