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Healthcare Superteams Podcast with Dr. Haru Okuda

Haru Okuda, MD, wears many hats at USF Health—and now he can add podcaster to his list.

“It’s really wonderful to be able to bring in my interest and my day-to-day work using simulation to train teams and go outside what’s in textbooks to interview folks with practical real-world experience,” said Dr. Okuda, who is executive director of the USF Health Center for Advanced Medical Learning and Simulation and assistant vice president of the Office of Interprofessional Education and Practice.

“Healthcare Superteams” is a podcast featuring conversations with both healthcare and non-healthcare experts on how to incorporate seamless communications and high-functioning teamwork into healthcare to improve patient safety, patient and provider satisfaction and health outcomes and to reduce health costs.

Dr. Okuda started the podcast in October 2020 with the first season featuring people outside of healthcare discussing best practices that could be used in healthcare. Season two focuses on how diversity strengthens teams as well as some of the challenges faced when adding diversity to a team. Season three will start recording in early 2022 with a focus on mental health in teams.

The podcast, which is sponsored by Tampa General Hospital, is found on most podcast platforms. It’s currently available in more than 40 U.S. states and 30 countries.

Listen to the podcast:

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