University of South Florida

Take a tour of USF Health’s the new Mohs Surgery Center with Dr. Lilia Correa

The USF Health Mohs Surgery Center in Tampa, Fla., has undergone some changes. The updated facility at 17 Davis Blvd. at USF Health’s facility on Davis Islands now has more and larger hallways and exam rooms, as well as a new waiting room and lab space.

Lilia Correa, MD, FACMS, is an assistant professor of dermatology and an expert on Mohs surgery. She said the changes are designed to make patients feel more comfortable and ensure physicians have plenty of space for any additional equipment needed during a procedure.

“I do want you to feel comfortable and very, very satisfied with your experience here,” Dr. Correa said.

Mohs surgery is a specialized method for removing skin cancer. The process allows physicians to examine each set of tissue margins to ensure all of the cancerous tissue has been removed.

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