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Taneja College of Pharmacy is using hologram technology to transform learning


The USF Health Taneja College of Pharmacy (TCOP) continues to be a pacesetter for innovative education, most recently with its plans to incorporate holographic technology into its educational framework. This ambitious leap aims to elevate the learning experience for both students and faculty, fostering a more immersive and engaging educational environment.”The new holographic technology is the first of its kind in the region“, said Kevin Sneed, PharmD, dean of the TCOP and senior associate vice president of USF Health. It is set to transform classrooms and laboratories alike and bring a new layer to an already premier pharmacy program.

Kevin Sneed, PharmD, dean of the TCOP and senior associate vice president of USF Health posing in front of the Proto hologram unit.

One of the key advantages of this technology is its departure from conventional two-dimensional remote platforms like Microsoft Teams or Zoom. With holographic transmission, students can experience a lifelike classroom setting, enhancing their understanding and connection with the material.

“With our new holographic technology, we can “transport” anybody from anywhere into the classroom, such as a professor or a renowned scientist that we want to engage in our studies with, creating more diversified collaboration and learning experiences”, Dr. Sneed said.  

Proto hologram unit being custom wrapped with the TCOP’s branding.

The college also plans to use intricate three-dimensional models, structures, and processes that might be otherwise challenging to understand through conventional methods. This realism aids in grasping intricate topics more effectively.

While the full implementation of this technology in TCOP’s future location in the downtown campus is scheduled for July next year, the college’s dedication to staying at the forefront of education prompts the immediate exploration of their new holographic technology. The college plans to train its faculty before the upcoming move and create intuitive lesson plans for its students.

“The future for us starts today,” Dr. Sneed said. “Using holographic technology is just the beginning of what you can expect in terms of the technological advancement that we are going to be putting into our downtown building.

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Story, photos, and video by Ryan Rossy, USF Health Communications and Marketing

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