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Connect. Appreciate. Respond. Empower.

There are special people in this world, who lift our spirits and care for us in ways that give us comfort.

Our compassionate team of heath care providers connect with our patients every day.  Our patients’ stories become our stories.

During the week of April 22 to 26, USF Health celebrates Patient Experience Week by acknowledging our dedicated staff members and their commitment to tailoring care to each patient.  At USF Health, we embrace the values of C.A.R.E. (Connect. Appreciate. Respond. Empower).

“It’s hard to not get emotional at times, when patients share their stories of gratitude about how our staff has impacted their lives,” said Tammy Scheele, Patient Experience Manager for USF Health. “It’s a great week to take a moment and say thank you to our staff for all they do for our patients and their families. They selflessly do so much every day!”

Every department at USF Health nominated a staff member who best embraces the qualities of the C.A.R.E. values. “This week is all about acknowledging our caring and dedicated staff members.  They truly are every day champions who make life better for our patients and their families. It was touching to see their humble and grateful responses which reinforce how truly deserving they are to receive the C.A.R.E. award,” said Dr. Mark Moseley, Chief Medical Officer, USF Health.

Our USF Health C.A.R.E. Champions:

Patient Access
Lisa Marsell
Antoinette “Toni” Puricelli
Jessica Robison
Amber Townsend
La’Shonte Union
Chris Bridges
Linette Stubblefield
Cardiology – EP
Bryan Major
Natalie Van Beek
Naholie Montijo
Julia Gilmore
Family Medicine
Luan Byrd
Evelyn Green
Internal Medicine
Yanay Navarro
Tanya Young
Iris Sanchez
Allison Jones
Information Technology
Edward Woods
Med Peds
Mariela Moreno
Raul Mustafa
Renee Bodiford
Sharonta (Nikki) Davis
Melissa Byrd, APRN
Alycia Hogue
Gloribeth Miranda
Jen Rios
OB/GYN Imaging
Shannon Diehl
Debra McClain
Jennifer Farrant
Deeanna Arroyo
Theresa Barrett
Susan Darge
Terri Taylor
Quality Patient Care
Sherri Stevick
Revenue Cycle Operations (RCO)
Courtney Rivera
Brittany Murdock
Terrie Messier
Debra Beverly
Anna Maria Medina
Kaylah McGee
Rebecca Davidson
Darius Fernandez
Q. Hodges (Ambassador MOR)
Sandra Nelson (Ambassador STC)
Risk Management
Joanne Waterhouse
Surgery Center
Kathy Henry
Laurie Rauch
Melissa Simard
Surgery, Colorectal
Nikita Johnson
Surgery, General
Michelle Nguyen
Carolina Rojas Zavarce

Our care providers from every department across USF Health celebrate Patient Experience Week.

Written By: Kathleen Rogers

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