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HA5 Rejuvenating Hydrator: Your very own “Filler in a bottle!”
August 18, 2016

  HA5 Rejuvenating Hydrator: Your very own “Filler in a bottle!” SkinMedica®’s HA5 Rejuvenating Hydrator not only plumps the skin immediately after application, but also retrains your skin to hydrate and restore itself over time! Hyaluronic acid is a molecule that occurs naturally within our skin and is the active ingredient in both HA5 and common fillers such as Juvéderm™, and […]

“Do I need Botox yet?”
August 17, 2016

As a cosmetic practitioner this question is common dialogue with patients in our practice on a daily basis. I am sure that other cosmetic providers can agree that we often […]

May 23, 2014

When is the best time to start getting Botox and am I too young?  These are just some of the many questions that Dr. Fenske hears from his patients on Botox.  The video link below helps you determine when the time will be right for you. Click video link When is the best time to start getting Botox

Hello From USF Health Cosmetic and Laser Center
May 23, 2014

Hello From USF Health Cosmetic and Laser Center Click the video link below and learn about what the USF HEalth Cosmetic and Laser Center had to offer. Click Video Link USF Health Cosmetic and Laser Center Services

Can men, like ladies, benefit from cosmetic procedures? Cosmetics for Men
December 9, 2013

Cosmetics for Men The secret is out.  Long gone are the days of female only clientele in the cosmetic and laser office.  Men have discovered the fountain of youth and are now making their presence known in the aesthetic world.  The use of minimally invasive cosmetic procedures in men has increased substantially over the past decade. This means that males, […]