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Proper Use of Sunscreen

Sunscreen only works to protect your skin if you use it correctly. The first level of protection is sun avoidance and physical barriers such as wearing a wide brim hat, sun protective clothing, sunglasses, etc. and then the application of sunblock. First check the expiration date of the sunblock prior to applying, if expired then discard. Then apply a liberal amount of sunblock at least 1 ounce to fully cover all the exposed parts of the body a half an hour before going out and then put it on again every 2-4 hours. Try to use creams if possible and specifically water resistant creams when sweating or in the water. Sprays and powders do not protect as well as creams. Also, try to avoid sun exposure between 10am to 4pm. Wear clothing in the sun with tight weaves and knits because they provide the most sun protection. And avoid the use of photosensitive medications and dietary supplements.  Remember do not deliberately tan in the sun or with tanning devices. Use your sunblock correctly and take extra precautions when in the sun to aid in preventing cancer and aging skin. Follow these recommendations and fun this summer.


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Written by: Robin McClain MSN, ARNP-C

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