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Reawaken Your Skin with our Newest Innovative Skincare line…Alastin!

New state of the art skincare technology coming to USF … ALASTIN!


As consumers we are inundated with new products claiming to improve the appearance of our skin. The skincare industry has very limited regulations on who can make these claims. Products are not sent through the grueling process of clinical trials that most drugs are unless the skincare company takes the time to study their own products. Physician grade skincare bridges the gap between products that you find in department stores and drugs that the FDA approves for use on the skin. Skincare dispensed out of a doctor’s office has clinical data to support the claims that they state.

At USF it is our job to provide our patients with results based on science. After reviewing the clinical data we are so excited to launch a new skincare line into the practice called ALASTIN. There is no other product like this currently on the market. Tri-Hex, their unparalleled technology, turns back the clock by addressing the comprehensive process that occurs as our skin matures.

This technology is formulated to not only approve the overall health of your skin but also prepare your skin for procedures and allow for a reduction in healing time post procedure. Some of the science and key benefits of the products include:

  • Clearance of damaged by-products of the skin allowing for renewal of key structural elements essential for healthy skin.
  • Boosting ELASTIN which promotes the skin’s ability to snap back. Patients will notice firmer tighter skin.
  • Simulating NEW collagen and combating the process that degrades collagen over time. This will reveal a reduction in fine lines, smoother texture and an overall youthful appearance to the skin.
  • Plumps and hydrates the skin and allows your skin to function the most efficiently. This will allow products to penetrate better giving you better results.

The three new products available include the Restorative Skin Complex, Nectar, and the Restorative Eye Treatment. Our team here at USF noticed “firmer, healthier, airbrushed looking skin” within four weeks of starting on the products! We can’t wait to see your transformation. As always trust your skin to the experts at the USF Health Cosmetic and Laser Center … where beautiful skin happens.

Nicole Hogue, ARNP