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Restylane Silk is the latest filler to hit the market. Get beautiful lips!

restyane-silk-logoBloom into beautiful lips this spring . . .

Restylane Silk has just hit the market as the latest product for lip enhancement and the fine lines around your lips. We are so excited to introduce this product into our practice. Patients are often hesitant to try filler in the lip due to the common misconception of creating significantly larger lips. Having excessive volume in the lips is actually not ideal.

For our patients we like to create a natural looking lip with more definition and enhance the volume without creating “bigger” lips. As we age it is common that our lips actually start to slightly invert and we start to see those perioral “smoker’s lines” that cause lip-stick to bleed. Using a soft natural looking product like Restylane  Silk we can recreate that youthful lip that defines natural beauty. Patients appreciate that this filler feels more natural, softer and seems to give the lips a healthy hydrated look.

As with any lip filler it is not uncommon to experience swelling, slight bruising, and some tenderness post treatment. Ice as well as other specific post treatment instructions given by our team here will allow for a smooth transition into the short recovery process. Using the knowledge we have of aesthetic lip injection principles and skilled hands, together we can create the perfect lip for you . . . natural . . . balanced and beautiful.

Book a consultation today to find out how to make those unwanted fine lines around your lip disappear and how to enhance the natural beauty of your lips with Restylane  Silk.  As always, trust your skin to the experts at the USF Health Cosmetic and Laser Center … where beautiful skin happens.

Nicole Hogue, ARNP, Cosmetic Practitioner at the USF Health Cosmetic and Laser Centertwo-shot reduced to 80