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eMatrix Skin Treatment
April 2, 2013

  Click link below for video about TNS and eMatrix Sublative TNS and Sublative Video For decades cosmetic practitioners have relied on laser and light based devices to turn back the hands of time and battle against fine lines, wrinkles, irregular pigmentation and textural issues. The idea of skin rejuvenation with heat and energy based devices has evolved significantly in […]

The Winter Itch of Dry Skin
January 11, 2012

The winter itch ¬†of dry skin. Winter weather comes with dry, itchy skin that may start to crack and possibly become painful. Several factors contribute to dry compromised skin including but not limited to cold weather, low humidity, overuse of soap, and genetics. Some of these factors we can control and others we cannot control, like genetics. However, there are […]

New cancer drug
June 8, 2010

New cancer drug.