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Ugly Toenails: There’s Fungus Among Us
December 9, 2013

Ugly toenails: There’s a fungus among us   By Neil Alan Fenske, MD Tampa Tribune correspondence   Hot weather is still here. Grabbing the sunscreen, wide-brimmed hat and umbrella, you’re ready for a day at the beach. Much to your chagrin, as you slip into your flip flops, you notice that your toenails are thick, discolored, loose and crumbling. Moreover, […]

Laser Nail Fungus Treatment
April 23, 2013

Clinicians using laser technology have made great strides in the treatment of nail fungus. Due to the risks associated with oral medications and the disappointing results from prescription creams and polishes to treat nail fungus, these therapies are quickly becoming treatments of the past. Clinical trials show laser treatment for nail fungus success being as high as 70-90% with multiple […]