Morsani College of Medicine

Dermatology & Cutaneous Surgery

Turning Back the Hands of Time


Almost every day in my clinic patients ask me when white gloves are coming back into style to cover their once more youthful hands. We do such a great job protecting our face and using treatments as well as skincare to reverse visible signs of aging and totally forget about our hands! As we mature the skin becomes thinner on our hands, making the veins and tendons more apparent. We also lose a bit of fat making them look less supple as they once did! If all that isn’t enough … years of sun exposed hands will also start to show sunspots and other pigment irregularities.  Luckily, we know how to turn back the hands of time. A product called Radiesse is injected into the hands instantly restoring lost volume. This product will also plump the skin over time giving the structure of more youthful skin. The procedure requires minimal downtime and within minutes your hands will appear younger. Results can last over a year. Using light based technologies to remove unwanted brown spots will allow us to complete the transformation process. Call to schedule your appointment today, your hands will thank you! As always trust your skin to the experts at the USF Health Cosmetic and Laser Center.

Nicole Hogue, ARNP