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U.S. News Top Doctors are at USF Health

Twenty-four USF Health physicians are among the top 1 percent of physicians in the entire country, according to Top Doctors, a recently published list from U.S. News & World Report and Castle Connolly, publisher of America’s Top Doctors.

U.S. News & World Report recently released its list of the Top Doctors – one of many much anticipated rankings the magazine publishes each year – and USF Health physicians make up nearly half of the Tampa Bay area physicians deemed to be among the top 1 percent of physicians in the United States.

Top Doctors is a compilation that includes more than 27,000 physicians from across the country. All of these physicians are considered by fellow physicians to be the best in their specialties and determined by U.S. News to be in the top 10 percent in their region. From that overall list, U.S. News had a committee of medical experts look closer at the group to determine which ones warrant being considered among the top 1 percent of the nearly 800,000 physicians in the country.

Here’s how the list panned out locally for USF Health. Searching the online U.S. News list for all physicians within 25 miles of zip code 33612, 572 names came up. Of those, 80 are on the USF faculty, or 14 percent. Also within that list of 572, there are 53 in the Tampa Bay area making the list’s separate designation of being among the top 1 percent in the country in his or her specialty. Of those 53 local physicians, 24 are at USF, or 45 percent.

U.S. News Top Doctors was developed in collaboration with Castle Connolly Medical Ltd., publisher of America’s Top Doctors® and other guides, and was built upon data from Castle Connolly’s Top Doctors™. Castle Connolly bases its Top Doctors selections on nominations submitted by other doctors and reviewed by its physician-led research team.

Tops Doctors at USF Health are:
Top 1% in the nation
Bandyk, Dennis, MD Vascular Surgeon
Cruse, C. Wayne, MD Plastic Surgeon
Diamond, Frank B., MD Pediatric Endocrinologist
Djulbegovic, Benjamin, MD/PhD Hematologist
Emmanuel, Patricia, MD Pediatric Infectious Disease Specialist
Estores, David S., MD Gastroenterologist
Fenske, Neil A., MD Dermatologist
Freeman, Thomas, MD Neurosurgeon
Goldman, Allan L., MD Pulmonologist
Hess, J. Bruce, MD Ophthalmologist
Ledford, Dennis, MD Allergist-Immunologist
Lockey, Richard, MD Allergist-Immunologist
Lockhart, Jorge L., MD Urologist
Marcet, Jorge E., MD Colon and Rectal Surgeon
McCaffrey, Thomas V., MD ENT-Otolaryngologist
Nicosia, Santo, MD Pathologist
Paidas, Charles N., MD Pediatric Surgeon
Powers, Pauline, MD Psychiatrist
Sleasman, John W., MD Pediatric Allergist-Immunologist
Smith, David J., Jr., MD Plastic Surgeon
Smith, Paul D., MD Plastic Surgeon
Sutphen, Rebecca, MD Clinical Geneticist
Tebbi, Cameron, MD Pediatric Hematologist-Oncologist
Van Loveren, Harry, MD Neurosurgeon

Top 10% in the nation
Abel, Naomi, MD Physiatrist
Albrink, Michael H., MD Surgeon
Anderson, William M., MD Pulmonologist
Baran, Gregg, MD Diagnostic Radiologist
Baumann, Shelly, MD Diagnostic Radiologist
Belsole, Robert John, MD Hand Surgeon
Brady, Patrick G., MD Gastroenterologist
Brownlee, Harrison J., Jr., MD Family Medicine Doctor
Bruder, Karen, MD Obstetrician-Gynecologist
Carrion, Rafael, MD Urologist
Dabrow, Sharon, MD Pediatrician
Drucker, Mitchell, MD Ophthalmologist
Fernandez, Francisco, MD Psychiatrist
Flannery, Michael, MD Internist
Greenberg, Mark S., MD Neurosurgeon
Groden, Lewis, MD Ophthalmologist
Haubner, Laura, MD Neonatalogist
Hauser, Robert A., MD Neurologist
Homan, Edward, Jr., MD Orthopedic Surgeon
Klasko, Stephen, MD Obstetrician-Gynecologist
Leffers, David, MD Orthopedic Surgeon
Lien, Mary H., MD Dermatologist
Lynch, Catherine, MD Obstetrician-Gynecologist
Mamel, Jay J., MD Gastroenterologist
Martinez, Carlos R., MD Diagnostic Radiologist
Mayer, James C., MD Obstetrician-Gynecologist
Mendellblatt, Frank, MD Ophthalmologist
Miguel, Rafael, MD Anesthesiologist
Morrison, Anthony D., MD Endocrinologist
Nelson, Robert M., MD Neonatalogist
Ordorica, Raul C., MD Urologist
Panzarino, Valerie M., MD Pediatric Nephrologist
Parsons, Anna, MD Obstetrician-Gynecologist
Parsons, Michael, MD Perinatologist
Pavan, Peter, MD Ophthalmologist
Perlman, Sharon, MD Nephrologist
Pinkas, Haim, MD Gastroenterologist
Plosker, Shayne M., MD Reproductive Endocrinologist
Ridley, Marion B., MD ENT-Otolaryngologist
Rifkin, Stephen, MD Nephrologist
Saba, Hussain, MD/PhD Hematologist
Schnapf, Bruce, DO Pediatric Pulmonologist
Seleznick, Mitchel, MD Internist
Shames, Murray, MD Vascular Surgeon
Shenefelt, Philip D., MD Dermatologist
Shulman, Dorothy, MD Pediatric Endocrinologist
Smith, Donald A., MD Neurosurgeon
Solomon, David Allan, MD Pulmonologist
Spellacy, William, MD Obstetrician-Gynecologist
Stromquist, Philip S., MD Interventional Cardiologist
Takagishi, Jennifer C., MD Pediatrician
Winters, Paul R., MD Neurologist
Woodard, Laurie, MD Family Medicine Doctor