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Want a happier, healthier holiday season?

I ate too much at the holiday party last night! Should I do a cleanse or skip meals to make up for it? No. Your body cleanses itself naturally, so just drink enough water and consume the nutrients you need to keep your system running well. Eat when you are hungry. Skipping meals can backfire by increasing cravings, so instead focus on making healthy choices today and don’t beat yourself up for enjoying foods you love on a special occasion.

Do I need to worry about the holiday blues? The holidays can be stressful and that can lead to feelings of depression, but there are ways to reduce stress and avoid depression. Most people experience both joy and stress over the season, and existing mental health issues don’t take a break in December. Follow these tips for holiday self-care.

Does Santa gain weight from eating cookies late at night? How about the rest of us?Your stomach doesn’t care what time it is, and neither does Santa’s. Consuming more calories than you burn can lead to weight gain over the course of time. But beware–if you’re tired or tipsy you may be more likely to overindulge, consuming more calories than your body needs.

How can I increase my holiday cheer? Did you know that brain scans show that giving makes you as happy as eating chocolate? When you donate to a worthy cause, it activates the same region of your brain that’s responsible for cravings and pleasure rewards. Try it out today by making a gift to support education, research or care at USF Health to make life better for our community!