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What is podcasting?
Podcasting is the delivery of audio and video content from a website to a mobile device. Using RSS, an XML-based format, to deliver content to your computer distinguishes podcasting from downloading or streaming media

How do I subscribe to a podcast?
A subscription button appears in the individual podcast page within iTunes. Just click on “Subscribe”, then iTunes will automatically download and play each new podcast. Sync a iPod to a computer then transfer the podcast for mobility.

How much does it cost?
No payment or registration is required. If you’re connected to the internet you’re ready to go. RSS delivery is fast, minimising time spent online. Further content can be downloaded automatically

What is RSS?
RSS, or Really Simple Syndication, allows websites to alert readers each time content is added or updated. USF Health has a selection of RSS feeds for news articles

Do I need an iPod?
No. The audio or video can be played on your computer, or moved to any MP3 compatible device, such as an iPod, other MP3 player, mobile phone or PDA

Media Players
What is an MP3?
MP3s are audio files. MP3s are low in size but high in quality and are the standard sound file format

Does my computer support podcasting?

Your computer needs to run podcasting software in order to receive the audio file. You can find a list of podcasting software here. A broadband internet connection is recommended, but isn’t essential

Apple Macs
Apple Mac users should hold the command key and click the mouse to access the copy paste menu, or alternatively, hold the command key and press C to copy. Hold the command key and press V to paste. Some podcast software is Apple Mac specific, but new Macs come pre-loaded with iTunes. Other Mac friendly podcast software can be found here

Where can I find podcasts from USF Health?

Our podcasts are available at Apple’s iTunes. Launch USF Health on iTunes U