A Note from the Director

| OSHA, USF Safety Florida

Dear Reader,

OSHA noncompliance is a high-stakes game, one that can quickly stack the odds against your survival. OSHA violations can increase workers’ compensation rates, reduce employee productivity, and can result in hefty fines that absorb company profits. As these costs continue to rise, your investment in maintaining an OSHA-compliant workplace is guaranteed to pay dividends.

To maintain effective and deterrent enforcement, OSHA penalties are annually adjusted by the Federal Civil Penalties Inflation Adjustment Improvement Act of 2015. The Inflation Adjustment Act requires agencies to adjust the level of civil monetary penalties for inflation no later than January 15th of each year. The annual adjustment is derived from the cost-of-living adjustment and the urban consumer price index. The 2022 annual adjustment is as follows:

• Serious: Minimum $1,036 – $14,502 per violation
• Other-Than-Serious: Up to $14,502 per violation
• Willful or Repeated: $10,360 – $145,027 per violation
• Posting Requirements: Up to $14,502 per violation
• Failure to Abate: Up to $14,502 per day unabated beyond the abatement date

For a majority of employers, we believe OSHA non-compliance is not intentional but simply a matter of ignorance. Maintaining OSHA compliance can be challenging for employers that lack the knowledge, staff, and/or resources needed to avoid violations that result in costly fines and penalties. The USF SafetyFlorida Consultation Program has provided free, confidential compliance assistance to thousands of Florida’s small employers for over 20 years and remains committed to helping employers create safer workplaces throughout the state. Our consultants hold over 150 years of combined occupational health and safety leadership experience from a variety of industries such as private manufacturing, construction, mining, and government. To request a confidential, no-cost consultation visit https://www.tfaforms.com/4696809 or call toll-free (866) 273-1105. For more information regarding OSHA Training courses, visit www.usfotiec.org or call (813) 994-1195.

Stay Safe,

Dr. Brian L. Warrick, PhD, CSP, CIH
Program Director
USF SafetyFlorida