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Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research, Michael J. (MJFF)


MJFF has supported several pre-clinical and clinical efforts that have generated valuable data, biospecimens and tissue resources for the research community.


Parkinson’s Progression Marker’s Initiative (PPMI):

The PPMI program provides an opportunity for the PD research community to utilize biospecimens to identify biomarkers allowing the tracking of disease progression in early stage PD subjects. PPMI was established as a five-year, observational study of to assess progression of clinical features and imaging as well as biologic biomarkers in various populations.

– Subjects: 400 de novo idiopathic PD patients and 200 healthy controls. In 2013, PPMI started recruiting up to 100 subjects at risk for developing PD in a prodromal cohort of PPMI.

– Available Data: Clinical data including motor, non-motor (cognitive, neurobehavioral, neuropsychological, autonomic, olfaction, sleep), Imaging (fMRI, DaTSCAN SPECT, DTI and AV-133), and biologic (spinal fluid alpha-synuclein, Abeta, tau, phosphorylated tau levels).

– Available Biospecimens: Urine, plasma, serum, whole blood, cerebrospinal fluid, DNA and RNA from blood more »

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