Adelmarie Bones’ new titles, alumna and firm partner

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Originally from Ponce, Puerto Rico, USF College of Public Health alumna Adelmarie Bones started practicing industrial hygiene after graduating with her bachelor’s degree from the University of Puerto Rico Rio Piedras Campus in 2007.

After working in the field for five years, Bones wanted to gain more expertise in the area of industrial hygiene by obtaining her MSPH at the COPH, where many of her superiors and mentors earned their degrees.

“I have a very specific interest in environmental health and how the environment plays an important role in health overall,” she said. “I enjoy reaching out to the public and educating on conservation to the planet and at the same time prevent disease that could arise from the environment.”

Alumna Adelmarie Bones, MSPH (Photo courtesy of Bones).

Alumna Adelmarie Bones, MSPH (Photo courtesy of Bones).

Bones said that she has had an excellent experience during her time as a student and enjoyed the opportunity to learn.

One of her favorite memories at the COPH was when she went to Puerto Rico for an educational exchange with the University of Puerto Rico Medical Campus.

“I was able to show our interest in public relations about industrial hygiene and was able to show off my beautiful country to my peer students and faculty members!” Bones said.

A member of the American Industrial Hygiene Association student member, Bones was also able to cross train in the field of environmental risk.

Bones was inspired by Dr. Thomas Bernard, professor in the Department of Environmental and Occupational Health (EOH).

“His contributions to industrial hygiene have been tremendous,” she said. “Thanks to him we have better knowledge and experience into how to promote occupational health, specifically in heat stress.”

Bones’ hard work and drive to learn made a lasting impression on those around her in the COPH.

“Adelmarie was always willing to work very hard. Throughout the program she showed intense effort – she was always prepared and always had questions,” said Dr. Steven Mlynarek, professor in EOH. “The knowledge and skills she learned in the program gave her the confidence and tools to start her own environmental consulting company.  We are very proud of Ms. Bones and wish her continued success.”

Outside of the COPH, Bones is a group fitness instructor. She teaches two or three classes per week in different formats including zumba, body works and boot camp.

“It is another way of promoting health using my skills,” she said.

After graduation, Bones will take her industrial hygiene skills to a new level by partnering with a Tampa Bay consulting firm. The firm, Air Analytics, LLC was founded by Edward Nuñez. In September 2017, Bones went into as partnership with him to expand the business with the new Tampa location.

In this new role, Bones offers professional services in the expertise of industrial hygiene. The company focuses on asbestos, mold, chemical fumes, water sample testing and recommendations based on OSHA and EPA regulatory limits of exposure. She also helps clients comply with OSHA and EPA regulation so that they can have a safe work environment for their employees.

“I feel both excitement and fear. It is very exciting to see what I am able to create,” she said. “I want to create jobs and become a respected firm where people call us when they need our help.”

Story by Caitlin Keough, USF College of Public Health