AHCA’s Upgraded FloridaHealthFinder.gov Website Includes New Page on Deliveries and Newborns


The Agency for Health Care Administration announced that they have upgraded their FloridaHealthFinder.gov website with new tools to help Floridians have the best resources and information to make educated health care decisions for themselves and others. According to the report, some of the upgrades added to the site to increase its value to consumers include an improved State Health Data Directory, a “violation” column to the legal sanctions grid on each facilities profile page, simpler navigation and enhanced functionality. A key upgrade for the health care quality of women in Florida is a new page dedicated to Deliveries and Newborns and directed towards women who are pregnant or who are planning to become pregnant. The page contains comprehensive data on delivery and newborn outcomes including total hospitalizations, charges and length of stay as well as general pregnancy and newborn care information.  To view this new page, please visit http://www.floridahealthfinder.gov/LandingPages/DeliveriesNewborns.aspx.

Written By: Heidi K. Curran, MBA