COPH well-represented at Summer Teaching Symposium

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Each year, USF’s Academy for Teaching and Learning Excellence (ATLE) holds its Summer Teaching Symposium (STS).

STS is a two-day event in which faculty and teaching assistants from around campus immerse themselves in the latest teaching and learning strategies. They also discuss and exchange teaching ideas and best practices.

This year’s theme was teaching the next generation; topics included digital technology leadership and global/intercultural fluency, among others.

Nine USF College of Public Health (COPH) faculty members attended the symposium―representing about 10 percent of the overall participants, one of the highest turnouts for any one single USF college.

Dr. Alison Oberne, director of the college’s BSPH program, has been attending the event since 2014. “I think that faculty see the STS as a time to dedicate to learning teaching techniques that can be integrated into future semesters,” said Oberne, who is also a COPH alumna.

Some of the 90 participants in this year’s Summer Teaching Symposium. (Photo courtesy of Dr. Alison Oberne)

According to Dr. Ismael Hoare, an assistant professor of global health and a symposium attendee, the annual event “provides on-time, relevant, practical and applicable teaching skills and learning opportunities for both in-class and online learning.”

What’s more, say both Oberne and Hoare (also a COPH alumnus), the event―and others presented by the ATLE throughout the year, including monthly workshops, tech camps and peer observation groups―provide important networking opportunities. “Besides learning about new pedagogical techniques used for college learners,” Oberne said, “we network with faculty across the university and are encouraged to work with those whom we do not know.”

In addition to participating in ATLE events, the college is also taking on leadership roles with the organization. Oberne will begin serving as the COPH liaison and Dr. Janice Zgibor, an associate professor of epidemiology, has recently been named an ATLE Faculty Development Fellow.

Story by Donna Campisano, USF College of Public Health