Dr. Ellen Daley appointed chair of ASPPH’s research section

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USF College of Public Health’s Dr. Ellen Daley, professor and associate dean of research and practice, was selected as chair of the Association of Schools and Programs of Public Health’s (ASPPH) research section in September.

Sections are the association’s professional development networks for senior faculty and staff with primary administrative responsibilities over academic affairs, finance and administration, public health practice, research and student services.

Dr. Ellen Daley (Photo by USF Health).

Dr. Ellen Daley (Photo by USF Health).

This is Daley’s second year of membership in ASPPH’s research section.

“The research section is interesting because not all not all schools and programs in ASPPH are research intensive universities,” Daley said. “The ones that do participant in the research sections have active research enterprises like the COPH does.”

Daley was nominated after a meeting held in Louisville this past June in which she discussed the importance of bridging research and practice together.

“At the COPH, our motto is our practice is our passion and we are in a Research 1 institution. So we believe strongly in bridging research and practice together,” she said. “I talked about our doctoral programs that were teaching both the research and practice degrees together as well as our research pathway and practice pathway faculty.”

Daley and the research section chair-elect Benjamin Shaw along with Tony Mazzaschi, senior director of policy and research, started monthly section calls to talk about upcoming issues and allow schools an open forum to ask questions, discuss and share concerns and advice.

“What that impresses me so much about this group is that in some ways these should be our competitors, but no one acts that way,” Daley said. “It’s another reason I’m in public health, we’ve all had this call to work together and improve the public’s health.”

As chair, Daley would like to see this open forum process become more formalized.

“ASPPH is extremely supportive to the schools and programs in terms of putting information out there,” she said. “It would be nice to see us start a research forum platform where in between our monthly section calls, schools and programs can submit questions for others to answer, as well as share materials.”

Daley said new schools of public health and ones that are located within a different college, such as a college of medicine, could benefit from the guidance and knowledge that established colleges of public health can offer.

“These are tough times and public health and research is so critical right now, so whatever we can do to help support each other I think is important,” she said.

Story by Caitlin Keough, USF College of Public Health