Dr. Marie Bourgeois introduces young scientists to toxicology and more

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The average person probably isn’t familiar with ToxNEt, ToxCast and ToxPredict, much less understand the differences between them.  However, participants at the Green Chemistry & Engineering Student Workshop can break down toxicology databases and more after an invigorating presentation from USF College of Public Health researcher Marie Bourgeois, Ph.D.  The event was held on June 16 in Washington, D.C.

A specialist in toxicology and risk assessment, Dr. Bourgeois lead the workshop along with Dr. Marty Mulvihill, executive director of the Berkeley Center for Green Chemistry; Dr. Douglas Raynie, professor at South Dakota State University; and Dr. David Constable, director of the Green Chemistry Institute.  The GCI and Green Chemistry & Engineering Student Workshop are sponsored by the American Chemistry Society though a National Science Foundation grant.

Limited to 75 graduate and undergraduate students, attendees learned how to make their research greener.  Bourgeois’ talk highlighted toxicology databases and multiple tools young scientists may use to assess the sustainability of their research and, ultimately, contribute to a more sustainable world.

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This was Bourgeois’ first time participating with the ACS’s green initiatives, but it won’t be the last.  In September, she’ll join the group in San Francisco for another green chemistry workshop.  

“I relish the opportunity to teach chemistry geeks about toxicology geekery,” she said.

Bourgeois is a research assistant professor in the Department of Environmental and Occupational Health and assistant director of the Center for Environmental and Occupational Risk Analysis and Management.

Photo courtesy of the American Chemistry Society.