Dr. Robert Novak tells Fox News more mosquito funding is needed

| Global Health, In The Media, Monday Letter

“One of the best things that man has ever created for mosquitoes is a tire,” said Professor Robert Novak, who is a mosquito expert at the University of South Florida in the College of Public Health. “The tire is a 5-star hotel for the Aedes Aegypti.”

Novak is currently conducting expensive research on the Aedes Aegypti know to carry viruses like Yellow Fever, Dengue and more recently, Chikungunya.

“This is a very important virus, Chikungunya. Although it doesn’t kill, it can make people very sick and hurt the economy of Florida. We should pay attention to it,” Professor Novak said.

Novak and his team of researchers are currently using satellite imagery in Florida to identify and isolate the unique reflective signature of light that a tire gives off, because where there are tires, you’ll also find mosquitoes.

Excerpt from “Researchers: more money needed to study mosquito control.” Click here for the full story and video.