Dr. Thomas E. Bernard Selected as Fulbright Scholar

| Monday Letter, Take Note!

Dr. Bernard, a professor and department chair in COPH, was chosen by the US-UK Fulbright Commission to be a Fulbright Scholar at Loughborough University during the Fall.  The title of his application was “What to do About the Clothing in Heat Stress Assessment”.  The purpose is (1) to close a gap in manikin-based and human-based evaluation of protective clothing with regard to the contributions of clothing to heat stress and (2) to develop a quantitative model of heat exchange pathways through protective clothing.

Loughborough University has a faculty and laboratories to address these issues; with research that dovetails nicely with the approach at USF.  This will link USF to major efforts in Europe.  The plan also calls for Dr. Bernard to visit with a number of government and professional organizations and to participate in a State-of-the-Art Conference on Clothing.  USF will have a high profile in the United Kingdom health and safety community.

This successful application was undertaken with support from the COPH International Office.