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Public health researchers L. Preston Mercer, II, PhD, and Rita DeBate, PhD, recently served as guest editors for the Journal of Pediatric Biochemistry.  They edited a special issue of the journal on childhood obesity and co-authored the opening article, “International trends in pediatric obesity: A public health concern.” The issue also features an article on childhood obesity by Lauri Wright, PhD, and on gender’s impact on food intake by Dr. Mercer.

Preston Mercer, PhD

Rita DeBate, PhD

Lauri Wright, PhD

Drs. Mercer, DeBate, and Wright teach in the Department of Community and Family Health at the USF College of Public Health.  Dr. Mercer is a professor specializing in nutritional biochemistry. Dr. DeBate is an associate professor and directs the college’s doctoral programs. Her research interests include adolescent health and the prevention of eating disorders. Dr. Wright is an associate professor specializing in dietetics.

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Journal of Pediatric Biochemistry 3 (2013) 1–3 1
DOI 10.3233/JPB-120068
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Guest Editorial
International trends in pediatric obesity: A public health concern public health concern
L. Preston Mercer* and Rita DeBate
Department of Community and Family Health, College of Public Health, University of South Florida, Tampa, FL, USA
Since 1978, the number of overweight children (BMI above the 85th percentile)  has tripled [1]. Moreover, 2009−2010 U.S. data reveals 12% of 2−5 year olds, 18% of 6year olds, 18% of 6−11, and 18.4% of adolescents 11, and 18.4% of adolescents 12 −19 were observed as obese (BMI at or above the 95 th percentile) [2].  Due to the evidence that indicates that 70% of obese adolescents will grow up to be obese adults [3], it is likely that all Americans will be considered overweight by the year 2030! [4].

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