Drs. McGuire-Wolfe and Haiduven screen first responders for Hep C and HIV

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USF College of Public Health researchers Christine McGuire-Wolfe, PhD, CPH, EMT-P, and Donna Haiduven, PhD, RN, CIC, are co-authors on a publication entitled “Participation in a Hepatitis C and HIV Screening Program Among Emergency Responders in a Suburban Fire Department.”  The study is in the June issue of the American Journal of Infection Control.

McGuire-Wolfe is an adjunct faculty member and firefighter/paramedic with Pasco County Fire Rescue.  Assigned to the Special Projects Sector, she serves as the infection control officer for more than 400 employees.  In this role, McGuire-Wolfe utilizes her experiences within the fire service to identify and address infection control issues affecting emergency responders.  Some of the resulting research projects include a pilot study and program on firefighter sharps safety and hand hygiene practices.  Her ultimate goal is to integrate infection control safety measures into the day-to-day operations of the fire service.  McGuire-Wolfe recently earned a doctorate from the COPH.  Haiduven served as her major professor and continues to be a professional mentor.

Christine McGuire-Wolfe. PhD, CPH, EMT-P

Christine McGuire-Wolfe. PhD

Haiduven is an associate professor and director of the Infection Control Program in the COPH.  She has more than 25 years of experience as an infection control professional, is board certified in infection control by the Certification Board of Infection Control, and serves on the editorial board for Infection Control and Healthcare Epidemiology.  Her research interest is in the prevention of sharps injuries in healthcare workers, with a focus on evaluating sharps devices designed for safety.  

The Department of Global Health is the academic home for Drs. McGuire-Wolfe and Haiduven.


McGuire-Wolfe, C., and Haiduven, D. (2014), Participation in a Hepatitis C and HIV Screening Program Among Emergency Responders in a Suburban Fire Department. American Journal of Infection Control , Volume 42 , Issue 6 , S96 – S97.

The abstract is posted online.