Drs. Amy Borenstein and James Mortimer present at annual alzheimer’s meeting

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During the 25th annual meeting of the Alzheimer’s Association in Boston, MA, Amy Borenstein, PhD, MPH, and James Mortimer, PhD, presented two papers.  The conference was held July 13-18.

Dr. Borenstein presented a paper entitled “The Association Between Diabetes and Dementia/AD is Modified by Age:  The Kame Project”.  This paper came out of her NIH-funded prospective cohort study of 2,000 Japanese Americans who were followed for 10 years for dementia outcomes in Seattle, WA.

Dr. Mortimer presented a paper entitled “Fish Consumption and Exercise in Midlife are Associated with Decreasted Brain Atrophy in Women from his and Dr. Borenstein’s NIH-funded work in Shanghai, China.

Drs. Borenstein and Mortimer are epidemiology professors in USF College of Public Health. Their home department offers concentrations in epidemiology that lead to MPH, MSPH, and PhD degrees, and recently launched an online MPH in epidemiology.