FPQC Receives New CDC Funding to Support State Perinatal Quality Collaborative


Florida is one of 12 states to be selected to receive funding from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

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The Florida Perinatal Quality Collaborative (FPQC) applied to the CDC for a new funding opportunity to support state-based perinatal quality collaboratives. The CDC offered this funding opportunity to build on previous activities to support states in building their collaboratives to address key perinatal health outcomes (i.e., infant mortality, preterm birth, maternal mortality).

FPQC has been fortunate to secure funding to conduct current maternal and infant quality improvement projects.  However, only 39% of Florida delivery hospitals and 47% of NICUs have participated in these statewide initiatives as of August 2017.

Different from the other 11 funded states, the FPQC plans to use this CDC funding to expand outreach to and participation of hospitals not previously engaged in FPQC quality improvement activities and initiatives.  Specifically, FPQC will revise and enhance recruitment strategies working with state-wide partners as well as develop outreach and marketing materials to facilitate direct personal outreach to non-participating hospitals to take advantage of FPQC’s quality improvement team trainings, regional maternal/infant topical workshops, and the FPQC Annual Conference.

The intent is to recruit new hospitals to participate in future FPQC quality improvement initiatives.  Our goal is to achieve and surpass the CDC’s definition of a fully functional state collaborative with at least 50% of hospitals and NICUs actively participating in the FPQC quality improvement initiatives in order to have an even larger impact on the health of mothers and babies here in Florida.


For more information on the FPQC, visit FPQC.org.



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