Get Connected! Join COPH-USF virtual networking group

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Do you want to network with previous graduates of the College?
Are you interested in expanding your existing network of colleagues?
Ever wondered how you can get the inside scoop for a coveted job?

While your GPA, a great resume and related experience may get you an interview, often times it is who you know that gets you past the first round of screenings or interviews. The USF College of Public Health has recently launched a virtual group in the social networking site called LinkedIn. LinkedIn is an online network of more than 30 million experienced professionals from around the world, representing 150 industries. LinkedIn strengthens and extends your existing network of trusted contacts. Your network consists of your connections, your connections’ connections, and the people they know, linking you to thousands of qualified professionals.

A recent search in LinkedIn resulted in 39,802 USF Bulls and 372 COPHers—of whom 74 have now elected to connect to the USF-COPH group that is solely dedicated for University of South Florida College of Public Health.  That is a lot of people who are able to assist with your job search.  When you add in associates from your undergraduate institution, professional organizations and interests, etc. the number of resources is boundless!

Still not sure how LinkedIn can help you? Consider this …

A student recently posed a familiar question … How does he gain experience when most jobs want to hire people with experience? Within one day, the student received a plethora of responses from professionals in all facets of industry.  Not only did he receive great input to assist with his job search, but his question triggered respondents to view his e-resume/profile—furthering his ability to network. Call that power at your fingertips.

LinkedIn is a mature version of Facebook. Through your LinkedIn network you can:

  • Research potential employers, service providers, subject experts and partners who come recommended
  • Be found for business and job opportunities
  • Search for great jobs
  • Discover inside connections that can help you land jobs
  • Post and distribute job listings
  • Get introduced to other professionals through the people you know

Through your USF-COPH LinkedIn group you can:

  • Connect with USF-COPH and all its upcoming events and news
  • Discover what USF-COPH alumni are doing
  • Seek advice from faculty in your professional fields
  • Keep in touch with your classmates throughout your career
  • Be a mentor to a new graduates

LinkedIn is free to join. The only thing it costs is your time. Check it out and join the USF-COPH group on LinkedIn.

What are you waiting for? It pays to get connected!

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