Heat-related injuries in Florida land company in hot water

| OSHA, USF Safety Florida

Worried employee calling ambulance for his unconscious coworker

Evoqua Water Technologies, LLC a Thomasville, Georgia based company that specializes in helping municipalities and industrial customers protect and improve natural water resources, faces steep penalties after failing to protect employees working in excessive heat.

While working on a project conducting welding and fabrication in Key West, Florida, an employee sustained heat exhaustion and was hospitalized after working in direct sunlight. The heat index reached a whopping 83-88 degrees Fahrenheit. OSHA cited the employer for failure to protect workers exposed to outdoor heat hazards, as well as for failing to report a hospitalization within 24 hours as required. The employer now faces $23,311 in penalties; the maximum penalty allowed by law for heat-related violations.

You can find out more about OSHA reporting requirements by clicking here.

Every year, many workers become sick or fatally injured from occupational heat exposure. It is imperative for employers to take proper safety precautions for workers in outdoor and indoor heat environments. Contact USF SafetyFlorida now, and ask how we can help you. Dial (813) 974-9962 or call toll-free 1-866-273-1105.