Increasing RNs Involvement in Quality Improvement Initiatives


Funded by the by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, a new research study published in the Journal of Nursing Care Quality found little difference in participation in quality improvement (QI) initiatives by RNs licensed between 2004/2005 and between 2007/2008. Despite these findings, the research team noted that there has been an increase in the number of hospitals participating in official programs for improving nurses’ engagement in QI efforts since 2008. Since nurses are the largest group of health care providers in the U.S., they are integral to the success of QI efforts. Today, health care leaders and experts agree upon the value of nurse-led QI initiatives. Their involvement in QI initiatives is vital to advancing the U.S. health care system, patient care and the nation’s public health. To learn more about promising programs as well as recommendations for hospital leadership for engaging staff RNs in QI activities, please read the article “Study compares participation levels for RNs in hospital QI activities between 2004 and 2008” in News Medical.

Written By: Heidi K. Curran, MBA